"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

-John Muir


The experience begins at pickup. 

I collect your dog(s) from the home and get them comfy and cozy in the car. Pillows, blankets, and towels all make for a cozy and clean ride to the trailhead.

Soothing nature sounds are played on the car ride over to help set the tone for the expedition into the wild. 

Once we're harnessed and leashed up, filtered water & homemade treats packed, we'll make our way to the start and snap a quick photo to show the Pup Parents that the adventure has begun!

While on the adventure, your pup gets to set the pace, sniff all the sniffs, and explore as playfully as they want! (All with safety and caution in mind: no poison ivy play or befriending gators!) Stops for water will be provided throughout the trek as well as the occasional snack. Epic photos will be taken and memories will be made.

By trail's end, we will pose for the "after" pic and send that along with a fun description of our day, what we encountered, and highlights of favorite moments. Worried your pet might track in some of the trail from their adventure? Add on a 15 minute Soap, Rinse, & Towel-Off, and you can ensure your fur-baby will be sparkling clean upon arrival back home.

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Tropical Leaves